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All surface Floor cleaner | Eco-Friendly multiple surface cleaner 750ml

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Product Description
  • This floor cleaner can clean tough stains ranging from coffee, ketchup, soy sauce, mustard sauce, olive oil etc. 
  • It is are easy to use and keeps your hands safe. It leaves a refreshing fragrance in the room after use.
  • Leaves a pleasant fragrance
  • Cleans tough stains ranging from coffee, ketchup, soy sauce, mustard sauce, olive oil etc
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces like ceramic, marble, granite, mosaic etc
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Make every part of your house look neat and tidy by cleaning the surfaces using this Surface Floor cleaner.

Tough on Dirt, Non Toxic, Easy on Environment. Formulated by blending safe, eco friendly chemicals that clean the floor and kills 99.9% germs while leaving a pleasant fragrance.

It can be used on ceramic, marble, vitrified tiles, concrete floors, vinyl, rubber and linoleum. It can also be used on painted and varnished surfaces, walls and furniture. 

It can remove tough stains from all hard and non-porous surfaces at home. When used undiluted kills germs which include bacteria, virus and fungii

Safe for human skin. Suitable for usage with hard water. The Aquasave formula results in lower lathering with unaltered efficiency, which leads to less water consumption.

Alkali, Chelating Agent, Surfactants, Quaternary Ammonium Compound, Permitted Fragrance

Dilution: 15ml in 4L water for normal soils and 30ml in 4L water for heavy soils. Keep away from children.

Avoid contact with eyes. Upon accidental contact, wash with excess of water and seek medical advice.

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