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Ayurvedic 4 in 1 Shower Gel, Face wash, Beard wash and Shampoo (30 ml)

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Product Description
  • This genius ayurvedic formulation is collated together keeping in mind the specific care that is needed for each body part with added benefits of essential oils that will stimulate your senses.
  • Deep cleanse your scalp, protect it from dandruff, nourish your skin, unclog trapped pores and rejuvenate your skin , all with just 1 powerful product.
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Natural Vibes 4 in 1 Activated Wash for Body, Face, Hair and Beard is your one stop solution to traveling light whilst not compromising on your personal care routine.

This genius ayurvedic formulation is collated together keeping in mind the specific care that is needed for each body part with added benefits of essential oils that will stimulate your senses.

Deep cleanse your scalp, protect it from dandruff, nourish your skin, unclog trapped pores and rejuvenate your skin, all with just 1 powerful product.

Natural Vibes travel pouches occupy very little space and as a part of our conscious ayurveda drive they are recyclable, refillable & reusable, thus helping us reduce carbon foot print. Standing by our belief of clean and green beauty, our pouches are made from sustainable paper packaging.

These tiny packs can be hung on any hook in the bathroom making it super practical. Not only are they pocket / purse friendly they can also be carried to work or treks without having to carry an entire bottle. What more? They can also be carried through airport security i.e. we are transit friendly! Believe us when we tell you, it fits in like it was never there.

Natural benefits gifted by our Mother Nature :

  • Rose has immense moisturising properties that provide your skin with the hydration it needs. It also helps control the excess oil production. Rose contains vitamins A and E, both of which will strengthen your hair and scalp. Ayurvedic texts claim that rose enhances positive and calming emotions by balancing the sadhaka pitta.
  • Sandalwood (chandana) is considered the most sacred in Ayurveda and many other ancient scriptures around the world. It has been an integral part of skin care for generations. The natural oils present in sandalwood protect your skin from harmful UV rays and its side effects such as dark spots and acne.
  • Aloe Vera is one of the few ingredients in ayurveda that balance all three doshas, thus acting as a natural healer. Because it contains 99% water, it helps lock the moisture in the skin thereby soothing and softening it. Aloe Vera also contains certain enzymes that act as an effective hair conditioner.
  • Neem is known as "the wonder tree" in ayurveda for a good reason. This powerful ingredient is an excellent scalp and skin cleanser. Neem fights and cleanses out the elements that cause dandruff and acne which are the most common concerns today.
  • Turmeric has been used as a skin-brightening agent in Indian households for many years. It is known to rejuvenate dull skin by adding a natural glow. Turmeric, due to its healing properties also works like magic on dandruff and flakes.
  • Yastimadhu, more commonly known as licorice helps is regenerating the collagen in the skin making it smooth and soft. Due to its ability to balance the pitta and the vata doshas, it prevents hair loss and chemical damage.
  • Almond is known as the King of Nuts in Ayurveda due to its Sattvik properties. Loaded with Vitamin E, it soothes irritated skin and helps retain moisture. It also provides the much-needed hydration to your hair. The essential fatty acids present in almond oil also improve the overall health of your skin and hair.
  • Tea Tree oil helps unclog clogged follicles, thereby acting as a good cleanser and conditioner. It is very effective in treating body acne and dandruff due to its anti - inflammatory properties.
  • Jasmine - The enchanting aroma of Jasmine flowers will help you unwind and relax after a long day.
  • Coconut - Ayurveda refers to the coconut tree as Kalpa Vriksha, which means the tree that supplies all that is needed to live. Not only does coconut oil moisturise your skin, but it also conditions your hair. It will deeply nourish the entire body and also heal dry skin patches.

Suitable for - All skin types. Our shower gel can be used by individuals of 6 years of age & above. It is also suitable for pregnant women.

We believe in providing the best ayurvedic, aromatherapy and plant based products possible. Our products are 100% vegetarian and proudly free of parabens, phthalates, harmful colorants and other harsh cosmetic chemicals. All our products are CRUELTY FREE and certified by the department of Ayurveda.

How to Use :

  • For Skin - Wet skin with water. Massage the wash gently in circular motion on face and body. Rinse. For Hair - Apply onto wet hair, gently massage the scalp moving downwards to their hair ends, then rinse. For Beard - Wet beard with water and apply wash. Gently massage in downwards motion. Rinse.

About Natural Vibes:

At Natural Vibes, we are constantly working hard to help you find the right balance between your mind, body and soul. To ensure this meaningful experience for you, we have combined the wisdoms of ancient healing therapies like Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Naturopathy and Plant-based ingredients in our products. We truly stand by our brand’s philosophy ‘because nature heals’ as it’s no secret that Mother Nature has all the answers for our well-being.

We are not only a product brand, but also a movement towards conservation of Mother Nature by sustainably using her gift and restoring her beauty. We have taken this pledge to ‘Plant Trees’ for every product purchased. Our consciousness as a brand will always bow down to ensure ‘People & Planet’ move together in the direction of harmony & oneness.

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