Multi purpose Home cleaning liquid (500 ml)

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BubbleNut Wash contains  'sapanin' which is a natural surfactant extracted from soapnuts that can take care of household cleaning needs.

It removes dirt and dust and also gives "2 times more shine*” than regular cleaners.

Can be used across glass and shiny surfaces, such as tabletops, mirrors, glass windows, fridge, oven, kitchen cabinets, furniture, car windows etc

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Regular surface cleaners contain surfactants and fragrances that can irritate skin and cause respiratory problems and pollute environment.

Free from Ammonia, Volatile Organic Compounds, Alkyl Sulphonates, Colour.

How to use:-

1. For glass and mirror, spray directly and wipe with wiper or tissue paper

2. For tv and laptops, spray on a soft cotton cloth and wipe gently

3. for dining tables, kitchen slabs and cook stoves, spray directly and wipe with a clothpiece. 

4. avoid spraying on eyes as it can cause irritation. 

Add extra shine to your glass doors, mirrors, screens 

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