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Kye Kast Coconut Peduncle Curtain

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Product Description
  • Embellish your home with natural Coconut Curtains.
  • carefully hand made with high quality coconut spathe.
  • Great use for windows and balconies as it provides an excellent coolness and fragrance in a relaxing pleasant peaceful area.

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The peduncle is a stem outgrowth that supports the infloroscence in the plant, and is generally plucked at the time of harvest along with the fruit. Sadly, growers don't see much value in the peduncle: its stalks are difficult to cut down, it does not decompose easily, and the labor involved in it is strenuous.
The Kye Kast Peduncle Curtain involves collecting the collecting , separating, washing and sun drying the raw material before t is woven together by hand.

We invite you to experience our experience with this natural upcycled product:

  • Great use for windows and balconies as it provides an excellent coolness and fragrance in a relaxing pleasant peaceful area, not to mentioned pleasant amounts of diffused light. 
  • Complete natural aroma
  • Easy to maintain its aroma by sprinkling the water once a week for more effects.
  • Ropes help to hang on iron rods. It is finely woven wall hanging. 
  • Has alternate uses: can be used to support creepers and climbing indoor plants, can be used as a natural wall of Fame for photos, picture frames etc., or it can be used as an elegant tapestry.

    Available in medium size of length of 41 inches and width of 17 inches.

  • This product is not chemically treated at any stage of its production. 

  •  Fungus formation is a natural phenomenon in case of excess exposure to moisture or humidity. In the event of this happening, the product will require drying out under direct sunlight for at least 48 hours. Regular maintenance ensures a lifetime of at least 7 to 10 years. 

  • Coconut, as a material, is naturally rot-proof. This product is naturally resilient to diverse weather conditions.

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