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Fire cedarwood Incense Sticks | For yoga and meditation

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Product Description

Made from sacred temple flowers, Burning Time: 30 Minutes.

100% natural incense sticks are hand rolled by women flower cyclers.

  • Incense purifies the mental and physical bodies.
  • Incense rids impurities and brings harmony.
  • Incense serves as a companion in solitude.
  • Incense brings peace and calms the mind when busy.
  • A little incense can cause much satisfaction.
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A Conscious Effort Towards environmental sustainability leading to a Cleaner Tomorrow 

The Products are Hand made by underprivileged women, who through their skills embark a Journey of self-reliance and empowerment 

The aromatic sticks are made from Recycled waste flowers have a Soothing and calming effect 

  • 11,060 metric tonnes temple-waste flowercycled till date.
  • 110 metric tonnes chemical pesticide ( >10ppm) offested.
  • Direct Livelihood – 23 Manual Scavenger families| Income increased by minimum of 6 times.
  • Indirect Livelihoods – 365, each family has 5 members on average.
  • Increasing standard of living of women worker and making them economically independent – predictable and regular incomes.
  • The project has attracted interest across the country thus highlighting the issue of “temple flower disposal”.

Fragrance: Cedarwood. Charcoal-free incense sticks dipped in natural essential oils.

Cedarwood Fire

The element Fire, called Tejas ( तेजस ) in Sanskrit, is the generator of energy in the body just as the sun is the generator of energy for the earth.

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