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Forisca Toothpaste Tablets I Natural ingredients (Pack of 100 tabs)

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Product Description
  • Forisca’s proprietary toothpaste tablets are an alternative to conventional toothpaste which are made of natural ingredients that are good for you all the way.
  • Featured in an exclusive plastic free packaging which is even better for the environment.
  • How to use them you ask? Chew, Brush and Shine- it’s that easy.
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Ingredients and Benefits:

  • Himalayan Pink Salt - Derived from Natural Rock Crystals - Preservative - Good For Gums And Tooth Enamel

  • Green Tea Extract - Derived from Tea Leaves - Flavonoid & Antioxidant - Prevents Tooth Sensitivity

  • Licorice (Mulethi) Extract - Derived from Herb - Ayurvedic Properties - Fights Tooth Decay

  • Cinnamon Extract - Derived from Cinnamon - Antioxidants; Anti-Inflammatory - Fights Gum Disease

  • Aloevera Extract - Derived from Aloevera - Antioxidant & Help Inhibit The Growth Of Certain Bacteria That Can Cause Infections In Humans. - Cleans And Soothens Both Teeth And Gums; Prevents Cavities/Caries

  • Neem Extract - Derived from Neem - Antibacterial, Anti-Inflammatory, Anticarcinogenic, Antioxidant - Prevents Tooth Decay, Bleeding Gums And Oral Infections. 

  • Clove Extract - Derived from Clove - Antimicrobial; Germicidal - Fights Bad Breath & Tooth Pain If Any.

  • Gum Acacia - Derived from Arabic Thorny Acacia Senegal Tree - Bulking Agent - Binder

  • Menthol - Derived from Mint Oil - Aromatic - Natural Flavour For Fresh Breath

  • Spearmint derived from Herb Of The Mint Family (Lamiaceae) - Aromatic - Natural Flavour For Fresh Breath

  • Sodium Flouride - Derived from Natural Calcium Deposits In Phosphate Rock - Cleaning Agent - Prevents Acidic Food And Bacteria From Harming The Teeth And Prevents Cavities/Caries

  • Zinc Citrate - Derived from Zinc Salt Derived From Citric Acid - Trace Mineral - Prevents Malodour, Tarter And Plaque Formation

  • Calcium Carbonate - Derived from Natural Minerals - Abrasive - Removes Plaque, Debris And Surface Stains

  • Baking Soda - Derived from Natural Minerals - Cleaning Agent - Stain Removal And Tooth Whitening

  • Saccharine - Man Made - Sweetner - Improves Taste Of The Toothpaste Tablets. 

  • Eco Certified SLS - Derived from Coconut Oil - Foaming Agent - Creates Lather And Foam

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