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Recycled paper pencils with beautiful colors (set of 10)

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Product Description
Newspaper recycled paper pencil set of 10 comes in beautiful colors . Perfect return gift with edible colors used.
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Around 80000 treees are cut annually to cater to the demand for wooden pencils. On the other hand, around 24 pencils can be made with just 1 kg of recycled paper. 

This simple fact hints at the contrasting carboon foorprint levels that go into making these products. 

Recycled pencils are a better feature-by-feature alternative to wooden pencils:

- They are more durable

- They contribute to a smoother writing experience

- They are easier to handle and maneouvre, owing to their overall weight

The Kye Kast Doodles range of pencils is made 100% from recycled paper the finest quality 2B leads : the pencils are dyed using food grade colors making it 100% child safe and eco friendly. Currently available with 2B grade lead:  and packaged in our unique Kaleidobox. 

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