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Lacquer Coated Matt Finish Copper Bottle (900 ml)

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Product Description
  • Pure Copper Bottle Lacquer Design
  • Copper helps in microbial purification of drinking water
  • Copper water acts a great brain stimulant.Copper water aids in weight loss
  • Available in 2 packs - Pack of 1 and Pack of 2
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Drinking water from pure copper bottles instead of glass or plastic is a great place to start! Copper is an essential mineral significant for human health. It’s long been a holistic tradition in India to drink water from Copper bottles to have a balance in the body and to get rid of all the impurities.

Drinking multiple litres of water throughout the day has many benefits, and by using our bottle, your water will stay cold, delicious and refreshing all day in our reusable Copper water bottle.

Drinking water in copper water bottles helps to reduce joint pain, improve immunity and maintain healthy heart. Drinking water from copper utensils helps you to look younger & Fitter.

Our Copper Bottles are inspired from this age-old Indian tradition to make every sip of water count, as the modern-day single use plastic bottles have become a menace to our health and our planet.

  • material:- pure copper, 
  • color:- brown, 
  • weight: aprox 325 gram, 
  • height: 9.8" inch,
  • width/diameter: 3.0" inch 
  • capacity: 900 ml

We are a team of people just like you, taking the next steps to take care of our health! Swapping out sugary drinks for water is one of the best steps we can take. This copper bottle will inspire you to drink more water.

Pro Tip: Simply fill your ayurvedic copper water bottle, leave overnight and drink first thing in the morning and you’ll get to enjoy this amazing essential mineral in a whole new way!

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