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Plantable Mini Stationery Kit (Plantable Notepad + 5 Plantable Pens)

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Product Description

Recycled Plantable Paper Pens and Plantable Notepads that save trees and cut out plastic.

A Plantable Mini Stationery Kit includes,

  • Plantable Notepad – 1
  • Plantable Pen – 5
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The environment is changing rapidly all around the globe. We must not wait for the environment to teach us a lesson in respect of the quantum of damage that we have posed upon it. If we start revolutionizing from today itself, we can soon create a sustainable living. Pepaa believes that using plantable stationery can bring us a notch closer to conserve the environment. Hence, plantable mini stationery kits are the best way to replace your old stationery and taking a step further to becoming eco friendly. 

  • Contains 5 pens and 1 notepad
  • Pens and notepad are biodegradable
  • Can be planted after use
  • Notepad is made from handmade paper
  • Promotes eco-friendly cause
  • Paper is embedded with seeds 
  • Pens are made from 100% natural material
  • Very much affordable 

This mini stationery kit is the best thing that school students can use while going to school. It has 1 notepad, which is made up of handmade paper containing seeds of plants that can be planted once the papers have been used. It also has 5 plantable and recyclable pens, which help to reduce plastic waste. 

Hence, both the products in the kit are free from harming the environment. This also helps to promote the idea of sustainability amongst children so that they understand the importance of the environment. 

It is essential to use products which are capable of being planted in pots after their use so that they can grow into beautiful plants. The paper of Pepaa’s notepads is handmade 100% natural recycled paper, which contains seeds. This seed paper can be used for noting and then sown pots. 

Plantable pens can be planted after use; they also contain seeds in their mixture while preparing. You can also get them customized for special events or loved ones if you want to. 

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