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Plantable Notebook (40 Pages - Pack of 5) I Recycled Paper

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Product Description
  • Natural and eco-friendly 
  • 100% biodegradable 
  • Handmade, unique and beautiful 
  • Promotes a sustainable lifestyle
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These plantable seed paper notepads are a fun, colourful, and environmentally friendly giveaway for your celebrations or promotion, too. Plantable Seed Paper, apart from being biodegradable, is wood free. Use it to beautify your garden and enhance the environment for bees and other pollinators after use.

Materials Used: This product is created from recycled waste paper. First paper pulp is created out of waste paper that is then infused with seeds and flattened into thin sheets of plantable paper to develop a brand new wood paper-free, notepad for you.

Disposal: After complete use, cut out the notebook and soak in water for 3-4 days until it sprouts. Cover the sprouted paper with soil and keep giving the water and sunlight for about a week to allow germination.

Packaging: 100% Plastic Free Packaging. The product is packaged in a carton box.

Is the quality of the Plantable Notebook as good as regular notebooks?

When you see your first Plantable Notebook, unless you already know that its made from waste paper, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The pages of our notebooks have a unique texture, which is perfectly writable. So, our Plantable Notebook is just as good if not better than regular notebooks.

Description :

What if we tell you that we can turn your thoughts, emotions, creativity and everything you write into a beautiful green plant?

Did you know that an average of 300 million tons of paper is produced every year in the world? Which means that as you are reading this, 285 tons of paper are being produced.

And while we’re talking about paper, we’re also shedding millions of trees to make these wafer- thin sheets of our book supplies. This major production of paper has led to the problem of deforestation today.

14% of all global wood harvest is used to make paper.

Is it really meaningful to shed down our oxygen filled trees for this product?

As people around us are going green and trying to adopt a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, there’s still a long way for us to completely go paperless. And while we’re at it, Pepaa’s plantable notebooks are a 100% biodegradable product that is made of paper that is tree-free.

We all love writing and throwing out our artistic imagination and creativity on these sheets and sheets of paper. We mindlessly keep doodling as these sheets turn into piles and piles of paper.

What’s special about our Seed Paper Plantable Notebook you ask? Well, it’s handcrafted from waste and is a hundred percent recycled to start with. An average notebook with an A4 size sheet needs about 5 litres of water to be produced, let alone the trees that are cut. So you are not only saving our precious water resources but also protecting our rapidly depleting forest spread. Our plantable notebook is made from waste materials already present on the earth. Thus, you are reducing the mounds of garbage that is existing.  In addition, this sheet of recycled and reused paper is embedded with seeds. These seeds are handpicked with care to suit your location’s climate. Once you are done using the sheet of paper, all you have to do it plant it in a pot of soil and watch it turn itself alive into a lovely flower. Thus, ultimately you are contributing to giving back to the environment by adding more greenery.

Plantable Notebooks are a great option for those creative bugs who love writing and drawing. Wouldn’t it be incredible to watch your writings and drawings bloom into lovely flowers instead of being left alone in garbage bins?

It’s also a meaningful corporate gift that adds more purpose and value while paying attention to the environment around us. Giving a plantable seed paper notebook to your clients will instantly convey your message and commitment towards the well being of the planet in a simple but impactful way. A typical corporate return gift will last with the client for months or maybe a year. But, a corporate gift like our plantable notebook will remain with them for years as every delegate plants the used notebook into a graceful flower that brings smiles and fond memories about your event every time its seen.  Can you believe it – A small flower plant can effortlessly increase any companies brand value.

Above all, our incredible plantable notebooks are all handmade. Immense love and attention are given to each one when created. It has been proven, that a handmade product is always more valuable than any expensive purchase. Make your clients, employees, friends, and family feel extremely special by gifting them a plantable notebook.

Children often mindlessly consume heaps of paper which leads to a burden on the natural environment. The plantable notebook is an excellent way of teaching them the importance of recycling and reusing paper while giving back to the earth. Planting the sheets of the notebook can be an effective tool to inculcate environmental values among children.

A diary is said to be a woman’s best-friend. Where she writes her deepest darkest secrets. Her bucket-lists. Her goals. But do you know what scares her? She is terrified of someone reading out the content from her precious diary which was only meant for her. It’s really difficult to safeguard this diary for your entire life from all those eager eyes.

Well, here’s a perfect solution for all girls.

Firstly, choose a plantable notebook than the normal paper diaries available. These plantable notebooks will hold your adorable secrets much better than the mass-produced notebooks that were made at the cost of sacrificing millions of trees. After you have utilised your handmade plantable notebook and fulfilled every dream you wrote in it- it’s time for the diary to bloom into a graceful wildflower. A flower that will symbolise all that you’ve achieved and a flower that solely holds your deepest secrets in it’s deepest roots.

Pepaa’s plantable notebook is more than  just a notebook. It’s a gift, a companion, and most importantly it is nature’s best friend.

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