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Recycled News paper Pencils I 100% eco-friendly, smooth (pack of 20 & 40)

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Product Description
  • No Trees were harmed in the making of these pencils!
  • These 100% eco-friendly 2B pencils are smooth to write with and easy to sharpen.
  • Makes a great gift for fellow Eco-warriors!
  • Available in 2 Packs - Pack of 2 ( 10 x 2 ) and pack of 4 ( 10 x 4 ). 
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These unique wood-free pencils are made from your daily newspaper! The recycled paper is tightly rolled around the graphite (lead) with super strength!

Why Newspaper pencils?

  • In India alone, we consume around 15-18 billion pencils each year and that comes at a grave cost of 7 Million trees annually.
  • These trees can be saved by repurposing old newspapers into pencils.
  • They are wood free and 100% eco friendly.
  • There are no breakages while sharpening making it long lasting.


  • Both the product and packaging are sustainable. The packaging is recycled and recyclable, so you can simply put it in your paper recycling or compost it directly.


  • The shavings are paper and can be put into the wet waste/compost.
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