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Recycled Newspaper Pencils (Pack of 50)

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Product Description
  • Newspaper pencils are made in India, from 100% used newspapers. That’s right, you may even find last month’s news in there!
  • Newspaper pencils are made using no wood, no toxic chemicals, and no plastic! Just 100% reused newsprints.
  • By using and recycling papers to make pencils, you are a savior. 2500 recycled paper pencils save a 20ft pine tree.
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Yesterday’s News. Today’s Recycled Paper Pencil.

When this same newspaper is transferred into a recycled newspaper pencil and placed into the hands of the young and bright students, you are in turn, passing immense knowledge into their tiny fists.

The knowledge that is absolutely valuable and significant to be aware and conscious about the world around us. It is true, a good initiative will only attract positive energy.

Just like our newspaper pencils will only send enlightening vibes to the user of the pencil.

These wonderful pencils consist of graphite that is covered in shredded newspaper. This newspaper covering acts as a strong, sturdy home for the pencil that is eco-friendly. Pepaa’s newspaper pencils are in fact one the major reasons that have brought out positive outcome by depleting paper waste.

These newspaper pencils are ideal for schools and other related institutions that are appropriate for children while carrying an eco-friendly factor in them.

Thus, inculcating healthy and beneficial values both for them as well as their surroundings.

It is a perfect product that is fun, useful as well as sustainable to help children recognize and realize the ill effects of wastage and pollution caused due to paper.

It’s an enjoyable medium for them to learn significant life long lessons that will empower future generations as well as the ecosystem.

Our recycled newspaper pencils are also an impressive corporate gift.

Making Pencils from Newspapers

At Pepaa (formerly Plantcil), we are constantly committed to making a difference and bridge this gap. Our team of creative and artistic minds keeps churning their brains to make the best out of waste. We had a completely different and innovative approach to countering this newspaper pollution.

We make pencils that are not only wood-free but also made from waste newspaper. Thus, adopting the 3R’s of protecting the environment – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Benefits of Using Recycled Newspaper Pencils

  • Save approximately 16-17 trees from being shed to turned into wood pulp for pulp.
  • Safeguard about 60,000 liters of water from being used. 
  • Save about 225KW hours of electricity. 
  • Preserve landfill space of about 3.3 cubic yards.
  • Prevent the release of numerable greenhouse gases.
  • Prevent air and water pollution that ultimately affects the health of the people as well as deteriorates the environment.

Our Recycled Newspaper Pencils take three to six weeks to blend into the soil. So, when you are done using this eco-friendly product, all you have to do is simply place it in soil and leave it to its fate. Soon, the pencil will disappear and leave manure behind.

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