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SaveGlobe’s Rice Husk Eco friendly Neck Collar Pillow (White) I Travel

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Product Description

SaveGlobe’s Rice Husk Eco friendly Neck Collar Pillow (White).

This neck collar enables you to feel and experience the difference compared to the usage of an ordinary synthetic polyester collars.

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These collars are made using 100% pure natural rice husk which is thoroughly cleansed and treated through multiple processes to ensure the highest quality.

The traditional foam filler neck collars tend to lose their shape during their prolonged usage. Although the foam and polyester neck collars retain their shape, they fail to accommodate personal needs regarding support to the neck and shoulders. The rice husk collars are durable and stay in shape for longer duration than most other conventional collars.

You will experience the benefits of using a rice husk neck collar as it automatically conforms and moulds to the shape of your head and neck during various sitting and sleeping positions and allows natural airflow throughout its usage so that you feel refreshed and relieved.

You can adjust the position, loft, and firmness of the collar according to your personal preference in order to reduce shoulder and neck pain, so that your neck and shoulders are completely supported and rested. You can place your weight on this firm collar and relax your neck-muscles with comfort. The comfort levels that you feel after using this collar will subsequently prevent you to choose any other types of collars.

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