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Super Value Clean Kit for home I Floor Cleaner I Toilet Cleaner I Dishwash Gel I Glass Cleaner

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Product Description
  • Super Clean Kit Contains
  • SOVI Floor Cleaner Citrus Blast 500 ml
  • TYDIBOWL Toilet Cleaner LemonPop 650 ml
  • SOVI Dishwash Gel Lemon Juicy 500 ml
  • SOVI Blue Glass Cleaner 500 ml
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Our Clean Deal Kits are your one stop shop for all your cleaning needs.

Our Clean the Mess Kit contains 1 700 ml SOVI® Floor Cleaner & more and 1 700 ml TYDIBOWL® Toilet Cleaner, in a fragrance of your choice plus a 500 ml of our Baking Soda powered SOVI® Dishwash Gel.

SOVI Floor Cleaner & more is a proprietary cleaning formula made of a powerful yet natural cleaning agent – Vinegar. A groundbreaking & potent formulation, SOVI cleanses, disinfects and deodorizes all types of floors with equal ease. Plus its unique formualtion allows it to work as a multipurpose solution that cleans your entire bathroom, kitchen counters, sinks, chimneys, refrigerators and stove hubs.

Our Signature Non-toxic, Eco-friendly cleaner formulated and quality tested by a team of experts.

TYDIBOWL® is a proprietary cleaning formula made of a powerful yet natural cleaning agent – Vinegar. It eliminates tough stains and odours, without leaving any harmful chemical residue behind. Plus its vinegar powered formula is a strong, natural disinfectant and eliminates those stubborn hard water stains with ease. The thick gel formulation also eliminates limescale and urine scales, leaving it sparkling clean and amazingly fresh. WHITEN your TOILET BOWL with this lightening product!

SOVI® Dishwash Gel is a powerful, grease-cutting gel that leaves your dishes squeaky clean, while being gentle on your hands. Our Stain Blasting and Grime Destroying dishwashing formula contains the “Power Powder” BAKING SODA, salt and Lemon Extract. Wash away memories of foul smelling plastic containers as the natural deodorisers gently whisk away any odour that Indian cooking leaves behind.

SOVI® Glass Cleaner & more is a powerful, unique & eco-friendly cleaning product that provides you with a longer-lasting and streak-free clean surface. Our Dust Repellent Formula effortlessly removes dirt and dust leaving behind a shinier surface. Plus its natural, non-toxic and chemical free formula makes it child and pet safe.

What makes our Glass Cleaner totally unique is that it also leaves behind a fresh scent while you clean!

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