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Tote scarf with print of Citrus Luxuary

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Product Description
  • SCARF to TOTE in a jiffy. So, YOU can REFUSE the single use plastic bag in STYLE anytime.
  • A Fashion Accessory that transforms to a Tote Bag and comes to your rescue when you need it most.
  • Each Tote Scarf is created with recycling 2.2 PET bottles. Nothing else
  • Easy Maintenance and machine washable
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Our research shows even eco-friendly consumers FORGET to carry a reusable bag. and face invariable situation where they are left without a reusable bag and will guiltily resort to the single use plastic bag from the vendor. So here is a product just made for you.

Tote scarf : Made from 100% recycled PET fabrics with Global Recycle Standard Certification. Each TOTE SCARF is made using 2.2 PET Bottles and Recycles 97 million PET Bottles by 2030.

Using TOTE Scarf decreases 500 single use plastic bags /person/year and stops 2.2 billion single use bags by 2030 from entering landfills.

TOTE SCARF was designed as an alternative to single used bags ensuring our product is for the fashionable and eco-conscious. A stylish alternative to decrease 500 plastic bags a year on average.

With boundary breaking synergy between function, fashion, and sustainable design, the Tote ScarF is made from GRS Certified 100% Recycled PET yarn and designed into awesome fabrics perfectly suited for scarfs but strong enough to function as a load bearing tote.

8 billion water bottles reach our oceans each year and is an IMMENSE POLLUTANT. Carry your reusable water bottle. In this cool hands-free Hip Hydra water bottle carry bag

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