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Zero waste gift set I Sustainable Eco friendly travel Gift Box

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Product Description
  • Do you want to start your plastic-free journey but don’t know exactly how or where to start?
  • We’ve compiled a beautiful collection of all our zero waste favorites and best sellers into one box that will help kick-start your new lifestyle!

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What’s in the box?

  • 1 X Bamboo Comb
  • 1 X Bamboo ToothBrush
  • 1 X Bamboo Tounge Cleaner
  • 1 X Cotton Coin Tissue
  • 2 X Cotton Carry Bag (2 Size)
  • 1 X Bamboo Towel
  • 1 X All Natural Loofah Sponge – Bath Sponge
  • 1 X Bamboo Earbuds
  • 1 X Natural ToothPowder Hemp Away

Our starter kit makes for the perfect gift for any aspiring zero-waster or someone who is just starting their journey to zero waste!

A great choice for best friend gifts, birthday gifts, bridesmaid’s gift, mom’s gift, house-warming gifts, teacher gifts, or a perfect pick-me-up to send to a friend.

  1. Bamboo Comb
    • Our amazing bamboo comb helps condition your hair while massaging your scalp, it glides gently through your hair
    • Soft on hair, prevent bruising or scraping your scalp, detangles knots, and prevents the formation of static electricity
    • It is widely believed to encourage hair growth, prevents hair loss and hair breakage by improving the blood flow to your scalp which helps the hair follicles get optimum nutrients
    • Zero-waste, eco-friendly, biodegradable, good for your scalp, and our planet!
  2. Bamboo Toothbrush
    • “What comes from nature should go back into nature”
    • 100% biodegradable handle
    • Bamboo infused soft bristles
    • Eco friendly
    • BPA free
    • Naturally antibacterial
  3. Bamboo Tounge Cleaner
    • Gentle on the tongue, Anti-Skid quality i.e. the Deep slots are present at both ends for better grip
    • It is easy to Sterilize the cleaner, just place it in Warm Water
    • Our plant-based tongue cleaners are durable, safe & high quality when compared with generic petroleum-based plastic tongue cleaners
  4. Cotton Coin Tissue
    • Ideal product for home, office, picnic, camping, travel, etc
    • Individually wrapped in paper to ensure superior hygiene
    • Environment-friendly and biodegradable wipes
    • Contains a green apple fragrance, now feel the freshness of green apple after you clean
    • Space Saving- Do you travel often? or simply want to save space? These face wipes may not sound special but by being so small they are of perfect size for saving you space on the go
  5. Cotton Carry Bag X 2
    • Reusable Cotton Bags – 100% Organic Cotton Muslin Double Drawstring Reusable Storage Bags
    • Environmental Friendly and Reusable Produce Bags
    • All Natural, Unbleached, Finest Quality Produce Bags with Drawstrings
    • Countless Uses and Countless times
  6. Bamboo Towel
    • Our Bamboo hand towels are made of soft bamboo fibers that nurture your skin and absorb water quickly!
    • Highly Absorbent and Odorless: Bamboo fibers are three times more absorbent than cotton; quick-to-dry!
    • Ultra-soft: Bamboo fabric is softer than the softest cotton!
    • Antimicrobial and Odorless: The natural presence of “Bamboo Kun,” a biological agent, makes bamboo towels antimicrobial and odorless
    • Eco-friendly: Doesn’t need as much water to wash; pesticide-free!
    • Size 35cm X 35cm
  7. All Natural Loofah Sponge – Bath Sponge
    • Enjoy a refreshing and stimulating bath or shower massage! This body sponge pad is perfect for everyday use, it aids in the removal of dead skin cells
    • Perfect for stimulating blood circulation and exfoliating skin
    • Acts well as a scrubber has a loop for a convenient handgrip
    • 100% natural material used
    • Size: 15cm x 10cm
    • How to use it? Simple!
      • First, wet the pad with warm water.
      • Next, add some soap/shower gel/body wash to the pad. Gently but firmly rub the pad in circular motions against your skin.
      • For a refreshed and vitalizing effect, rinse your body with cool water. For a soothing and relaxing effect, use warm water instead.
      • Clean the pads after every use with hot water to make sure all the soap is gone. Let the pads dry completely in a non-humid room with good air circulation. You can sanitize the pads once a week by placing them in boiling water for a few minutes.
  8. Bamboo Earbuds
    • Bamboo Cotton Buds are 100% biodegradable and made from sustainable bamboo sticks with natural cotton tips
    • Perfect to use for removing eye makeup, applying face paint, cleaning jewelry, or your computer keyboard
    • Naturally organic
    • Dispose directly into the soil
  9. Natural ToothPowder Hemp Away
    • Avoid synthetic kinds of toothpaste with harmful chemicals for good
    • Enjoy fresh breath, clean teeth and mouth
    • Contains wonderful ingredients for a healthy mouth & gums and remineralizing
    • The addition of hemp oil makes this toothpaste anti-bacterial and Omega 3, 6 & 9 fight with bad breath.
    • A natural way! Go green, go healthier, go better!
    • Ingredients: Cannabis sativa seed oil(Hemp Oil), fennel seeds, neem leaf, clove, camphor, peppermint, mint, cinnamon, and turmeric

All Products are Proudly Made in India

All this will be packaged in one of our compostable and plastic-free, letterbox friendly boxes.

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