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About Us

What are we promoting?

Upcycling is the most chic and Uber way of repurposing something from X- Y and Y turns out to be of higher value, beautiful and repurposed.

Recycling is complete breakdown of existing item using energy or other resources thereby producing a new form but mostly a lower value item.

Upcycling adds value by transforming or reinventing an otherwise-disposable item into something of higher quality. It's the ultimate in ReUse and Renew
A whole new industry sector is shaping up around it and Upciclo.com is determined to make this Niche industry into much wider , broader and global market.

Both Upcycling and Recycling supports a “circular economy” which is most important as on today because it is IMPOSSIBLE to indefinitely run a linear system on a finite planet EARTH.

Imagine if all the Old Jeans are turned into reusable shopping bags, Newspaper junk is renewed to chic stationary items and plastic bottles into Geodesic Sphere Chandeliers or new clothing! Not only it would be a wonderful re-purposeful transformation of preloved items but also a huge step in waste reduction , less burden on landfills, lowering of carbon footprint , less energy consumption and promotion of artisans and Fair trade.

Organic and Natural personal care are products which are made from natural , cruelty free, vegan and are certfied for organic ingredients. 

Green , herbal and Toxin Free Home care solutions like cleaners , dishwashing agents and other supplies which are not harsh and are bio degradable. 

Plastic free alternatives to most of your daily needs that are made from Bamboo, cocconut shells, coir, n=bana fibre etc.

Amazing bags made from excess textiles or recycled pet bottles., repurposed cloth or other material.

Unique prodcuts that are handcrafted and promote sustainability eg; an elephant carving from an old log of salvaged wood.


Who are We?

Upciclo.com is a multi- vendor and India’s only exclusive marketplace for those who share same passion for “Go Green”. It aims to be the go to place for all ages to find eco friendly, creative and purposeful pieces of art, fashion, home decor , personal care and most importantly gifts and festival needs.

Upciclo.com is a socio – environmental enterprise whose focus is to bring together all small, medium , large enterprises who are currently producing a product that is eco friendly , made out of a pre loved item or is upcycled / recycled. It could be anything from clothes to footwear or Home Décor etc. Our aim is to make sustainable products available to all for easy adoption. 

Shoppers get to read and understand the story of the item and also share their contribution to the environment as EnviroCitizen through social media platforms.

Upciclo.com is the Best online shopping destination for “alternatives” for your daily and occasional needs and above all with zero or lesser carbon footprint.

So if you want to live a sustainable living please join the Upciclo.com movement, as we serve our customers with authentic verified products!

If you are a corporate , No problem, we have enough in the store. We would be honoured to be your CSR partners.


Work with us!

Please onboard this journey with us if you are a Vendor and have products to showcase because we assure you the best association and market for your products. Please register to sell with us.

Please volunteer to spread awareness in events, schools, offices etc by means of speeches, articles and DIY workshops

We need help to generate leads and onboard vendors from all corners who share the passion so contact us if you need to use the free hours during the day at the comfort of your home and as well earn a one-time onboarding fee.

If you are in influencer, please join hands help us grow, help the GoGreen initiative, help us to make a better tomorrow.

Please help us make your days and life Greener and Healthier. 

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