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  1. 10 Best Diwali Gifts Ideas for Corporates in 2023

    diwali gifts ideas for corporate

    Every year same struggle, same hassle and the stress of staying different yet very impactful in your gifting ! Does this resonate with you if you one among the employee relation officer , human resource  manager or procuremet team of a corporate. 


    Diwali is often referred to as the "Festival of Lights." It signifies the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. The lighting of oil lamps and decorative lights is a prominent aspect of the celebrations.

    So should your gifts to your employees not communicate the same and they feel special to be associated to the brand and feel more connected?

    So let's look at a few ideas that add value to your Diwali gifting in 2023.

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  2. Going Green: Transform Your Workplace with Sustainable Office Products

    Going Green: Transform Your Workplace with Sustainable Office Products

    In today's world, businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility. One area where companies can make a significant impact is by adopting eco-friendly practices in the workplace. By incorporating sustainable office products and implementing environmentally responsible practices, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint, support conservation efforts, and promote a healthier planet. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using eco-friendly office supplies, recyclable office products, energy-efficient technology, biodegradable office materials, and zero-waste office solutions. Let's embark on the journey to create a greener workplace!

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  3. How Sustainable Conference Swag Companies are Revolutionizing Corporate Gifting

    How Sustainable Conference Swag Companies are

                 Revolutionizing Corporate Gifting

    In today's business landscape, sustainability is no longer just a trend—

    it's a crucial aspect of corporate responsibility. As companies strive to reduce their environmental impact, even traditional practices like corporate gifting are undergoing a transformation. 

    Sustainable conference swag companies are leading the charge, revolutionizing the way corporations approach gift-giving while aligning with their eco-conscious values.

    Many organizations now are leading E-com and offline B2C o B2B players for serving the conscious corporates that have economic, environmental and social sustainability roadmap.

    Do you wonder what is sustainable swag ? How long should a swag really last? Is swag really a waste ? How should an organization choose s swag? 


    Let's talk more about this here:

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  4. What are some eco-practices a school/ college student can follow?

    What are some eco-practices a school/ college student can follow?

    I was returning home from school one day. I was enjoying the breeze and the greenery that surrounded me when I felt this suffocating heat and the humidity even inside the bus increasing alarmingly. Why, you may ask, well it was because of an industrial chimney that was spewing out toxic fumes into the air. That was the moment I really started thinking about what we are doing to the earth. How we are altering its natural beauty, how we are exploiting its resources and getting carried away in the race for money.


    There are certain moments like these that spark the activists in us and I feel like when we experience these moments, we must embrace them and take action immediately, which is what I tried to do. With all my experience and reading in the practice of being more eco-friendly the first step is always the most important. The first step being you trying to be more conscious of your own actions and the fact that you’re reading this blog says that you have already

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  5. They’re like Amanita phalloides

    They’re like Amanita phalloides

     The most common toxins in your home and you don't even know about it.

    “To create awareness is to create a better world of understanding for ourselves.”

    We talk about us, humans, dumping plastic into the vast ocean where millions of aquatic creatures thrive. We talk about how the human population is exploiting what nature yields. We talk about how many toxic chemicals from the industry just drain out into the rivers, choking little breathing fishes. We talk about Global Warming and the political and economic state of the world and yet, we do not notice the minor ‘silent poisons’ in our own houses. Why talk about major things, when the smallest things go unnoticed? 

    Could be the toxins in our leathers, harmful chemicals in repellents, or even the tip of our pencils that we use so often. We may not be able to get rid of all the toxins, but

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