Clean Oceans are the Sign of a Healthy Planet

The world sees at least 2000 tonnes of plastic waste accumulated from straws, reaching the ocean each year. This amounts to a sixty-seventh, or 1.5% of the total single-use plastic waste generated on a yearly basis internationally. You must have seen the painfully upsetting video of a turtle being rescued after injuries from a plastic […]

Stop Self-Cleaning at the Cost of a Dirty Planet

How safely and responsibly do you dispose of the water used to clean your house? We know that our laundry, bath and kitchen waste water have nowhere else to go other than down the drain, but do we take the effort to find out where it will end up eventually? While most wastewater is treated […]

Guilt-Free, Sustainable Personal Care

The rising concern of environmental damage and consequential global warming is the industry of toiletries, cosmetics and perfume. Chemicals are used in large amounts, wasted, and often let off into rivers or lakes or the ocean, subsequently poisoning aquatic life, and causing diseases when we consume the water. The products we use are often made […]

2021 – The Year of Sustainable Fashion

There are consequences to everything. No matter how responsibly you dispose of your waste, you do not have the control over where it goes and where it finally ends up. What if, instead of disposing your waste responsibly, you could just avoid generating waste altogether? As good as it sounds, it is near impossible to […]

Be Conscious and Sustainably Smart

With repeated use and abuse of resources available to us, we have fallen into a trap of unsustainable living, where many struggle to make a conscious and eco-friendly choice. Often, it turns out that we are unaware of the sources and processes that a product has been through before it reaches us, whether it could […]

Kickstart Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

In India, waste management has always been a hard feat to overcome, both by the public as well as administrative bodies. In order to accommodate the buying habits of people in smaller quantities and more frequent purchases, more and more plastic has been making its way to the landfills, ending up in the ocean and […]

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