The dilemma of “How to keep my cast iron Shining black? Like my Armour :) “

Buying a cast Iron is the best decision you can take to transform your kitchen and life towards sustainable living. Cast iron likes Indian weather and likes to be dry – don’t leave your pan to soak in water for long periods. Water will corrode your seasoned non-stick surface and rust wills start to form. […]

The Joy at work and Honest Income for the under privileged

Have you thought who invented TetraPacks? An invention that keeps fresh dairy fresh for many months and hence increasing shelf life. Well most people do not care who invented what, as long as they know how that is useful for them. Infact most people do not care how are these being disposed and managed. A […]

Clay cookware, The new muse

Clay cookware is popular for all the right reasons. For example, consider the artistic worth of a cooking vessel that also serves as a lovely serving dish, or the cultural significance of a connection to genuinely ancient culinary practices. Cooks may struggle to explain why their favourite recipes turn out better in clay, but they […]

Go Green Go Clean – A Zero Waste Guide

Going Green has always been the talk of the hour for quite a few years, but ARE WE ACTUALLY READY TO LEAVE THE THINGS WE LOVE THE MOST BEHIND AND HAVE A ZERO-WASTE LIVING? Don’t Panic. Yes, obviously you can, but only slowly and steadily. Zero-waste living is never an overnight changeover, it is a […]

Laptop getting heated up often? Here’s what you need.

Whether you’re a gamer, a video editor, or simply use your computer for business on a regular basis, your laptop may be overheating, especially if you use it on the couch or in bed. If your laptop gets too hot to the touch, it’s more likely to shut down or slow down, or even worse, […]

Green Cosmetics – The Guilt-Free Sustainable Beauty

The natural and organic beauty products and industry are only getting bigger and better each day. Becoming more ecologically conscious has never been more important to us. There is no better time than today to make sustainability our way of living. Considering our planet’s current state, it’s even more imperative that we make the effort to shift […]

Shop slow, shop right.

Today’s society encourages us to consume more quickly than ever before. We can afford to discard items we no longer want and replace them promptly, thanks to mass production. As a result, things are engineered to last less time and to be of worse quality. To grow the necessary raw materials, large amounts of water, […]

Here’s how you can get started on your Sustainable Journey right at home.

Before all else, pat yourself on the back for the initiative. It all begins with the thought, but it is more than just a thought; it is a way of living. Home is the best place to start with; after all, Charity begins at home. Here are some tips and tricks which can help you […]

Sustainable living: Bang for the buck

Sustainable living is a lifestyle choice you make to tackle the dangerous consumerism mindset in you. Let me help you understand how small changes can add up to big savings, for your pockets as well as for the environment. Yes, it might feel like the little things you do for the environment are just a […]

Everyday Plastics – How do we reduce?

Plastic is everywhere. Don’t be surprised when I say a whopping 91% of the plastics produced to date haven’t been recycled yet. Yes, 91%. Plastic has subtly become an inherent part of our day-to-day lifestyle. Sometimes we use plastics and other non-recyclable products without even knowing that they aren’t recyclable; or, let’s say that we are not […]

Plastics – Not made for single use

Plastic is ubiquitous, wherever you turn you are bound to find an item made out of plastic. It has been estimated that around 270,000 tonnes of plastic are floating across the world’s seas and is threatening more than 7000 marine life species and this is just the harm it is causing to our water bodies. It […]

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