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High Quality Copper Hammered Water Bottle with 2 Set of Glass

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Copper is an Antioxidant that prevents cell damage and slows aging. Copper is the primary element to produce melanin (pigmentation of eyes, hair, and skin) in the human body and supports your health

  • Set of 2 glasses 125 ml and 750 ml lab tested copper bottle, black enamel outside.
  • 1 season greeting in seed paper
  • Gift box
  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ) - 50 pieces
  • The price of the product does vary with quantity, please contact us for a precise quotation.
  • Branding, Logistics, and Customized Packaging charges are added as applicable

Lots of Love and Zero plastic!

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copper water utensils are perfect for everyone and ideal for those with an active lifestyle. Since copper is naturally anti-bacterial and naturally self-sterilizing and does not require as much cleaning as other water utensils.

supports the maintenance of good health, and helps the environment by avoiding the use of disposable plastic to help in preventing the nature.

Features: Hand crafted 99% Pure Copper Water Dispenser 100% leak proof with no joint Elegant look with modern suitable design 

Benefits: Kills bacteria Reduce bad cholesterol Beats anaemia Stimulate Brain Helps heal wounds faster Helps the digestive system Reduces arthritis pain Cleaning Tips: Wash with Hand only Soft Cloth & Air Dry only Don’t use Harsh Scrubber to avoid scratches 

Care tips: Copper utensils needs to be cleaned at regular interval of time for removing the dark marks. Dark marks are formed due to oxidization process. It is the basic nature of Pure Copper that it oxidizes when it comes in the contact of air and moisture. 

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Carbon Emissions 20%
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