diwali gifts ideas for corporate

Make this Diwali a memorable one for your team with our personalized and thoughtful gifts.

Every year same struggle, same hassle and the stress of staying different yet very impactful in your gifting ! Does this resonate with you if you one among the employee relation officer , human resource  manager or procuremet team of a corporate. 


Diwali is often referred to as the "Festival of Lights." It signifies the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. The lighting of oil lamps and decorative lights is a prominent aspect of the celebrations.

So should your gifts to your employees not communicate the same and they feel special to be associated to the brand and feel more connected?

So let's look at a few ideas that add value to your Diwali gifting in 2023.


Bamboo, a fast-growing and renewable resource, has gained popularity as a sustainable material for gifting products. Here are various types of bamboo gifting products:

Bamboo Cutlery Set: Bamboo cutlery sets are eco-friendly alternatives to disposable plastic cutlery. These sets usually include a bamboo fork, knife, spoon, and a reusable straw. They are lightweight, durable, and can be conveniently carried in a pouch, making them perfect for picnics, travel, and daily use.

Bamboo Skincare and Bath Products: Bamboo is used in the production of various skincare and bath products. Bamboo fiber towels, bath brushes, soap dishes, and exfoliating brushes are some examples. These products are sustainable, hypoallergenic, and provide a natural and eco-friendly option for self-care and gifting.

Bamboo Stationery: Bamboo-based stationery items, such as bamboo pens, pencils, and notebooks, are gaining popularity. Bamboo pens and pencils are made from bamboo stalks, reducing the use of plastic and promoting sustainability. Bamboo notebooks often feature covers made from bamboo fibers or recycled paper, making them environmentally friendly choices.

Bamboo Baskets: They come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and designs, showcasing the versatility of this remarkable material. From small, intricately woven baskets for holding jewelry or keys to larger ones used for laundry, storage, or carrying groceries, there is a bamboo basket to suit every need. The natural color and texture of bamboo lend a touch of elegance and a rustic charm to these baskets, making them visually appealing and fitting for various interior styles.

Interesting facts about Coconut 

Known as "TREE OF LIFE" , because it provides a multitude of essential resources. Almost every part of the tree, including the leaves, trunk, husk, shell, and fruit, has practical uses.

Coconut products have gained significant popularity and adoption in the gifting industry due to their natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly characteristics. Here are some ways in which coconut products are being incorporated into the gifting industry:

  • Coconut-based Personal Care Gift Sets:
  • Coconut Candle Gift Sets
  • Coconut-based Food and Beverage Hampers
  • Coconut Home Decor and Accessories
  • Coconut-inspired Fashion Accessories
  • Coconut-based Bath and Spa Gift Sets
  • Coconut-based Home Fragrance Products

By incorporating coconut-based products into the gifting industry, both gift givers and recipients can appreciate the sustainable and natural qualities of coconuts. The versatility of coconut offers a wide range of options for unique, eco-friendly, and thoughtfully curated gifts.