eco friendly diwali gifts eco friendly diwali gifts



This festive season would you  go with environmentally conscious wraps enriched with tradition?


Essence candles have long been an integral component in creating warm and cozy environments in our homes.

But as people become more conscious of environmental and health issues, there is an increasing need for natural and environmentally friendly substitutes. In this blog, we'll discover the beautiful world of organic scented candles, going over their impact, ingredients, and how to choose the perfect one for your home. Upciclo has designed hampers for this festive season  that are filled to the brim with attention for both the environment and our customers.

eco friendly diwali gifts eco friendly diwali gifts

Why choose hampers with Organic products especially candles ?

Health Benefits : Traditional candles frequently include paraffin wax and synthetic perfumes, which when burned can produce dangerous pollutants.

On the other hand, organic candles offer a cleaner and healthier solution for your surroundings because they are often created from natural materials like soy or beeswax and scented with essential oils.

Aromatherapy : Essential oils are frequently used in organic scented candles and can be helpful. These candles can aid in relaxation, concentration, or stress reduction depending on the aroma.

No Smoke , all fragrance!



Upciclo’s fragrant candles that actually purify your home. 

Lavender: Because of its calming effects, lavender-scented candles are excellent for establishing a peaceful mood in your bedroom or when taking a soothing bath.
Citrus: Energy and mood-boosting citrus aromas, like orange and lemon, are perfect for your kitchen or workstation.
Eucalyptus: Candles scented with eucalyptus are excellent for usage when you're sick or congested since they can help clear your sinuses and make breathing easier.
Vanilla: The sweet and calming aroma of vanilla is ideal for fostering a welcoming atmosphere in your dining room or living room.

Giving gifts to your friends and family is a heartfelt way to show them your love, gratitude, and affection. Making a thoughtfully designed gift basket is a fun and flexible gift idea. Let's look at how to make a gift basket that blends scented candles' calming ambience with the indulgent delights of cookies and chocolates to make a wonderfully appealing gift for any occasion. Gifting is a long-standing custom that makes both the giver and the recipient happy. A thoughtful gift basket can express your feelings and make someone's day more opulent.  Explore a variety of personalized hampers for your beloved from Upciclo.


eco friendly diwali gifts eco friendly diwali gifts
eco friendly diwali gifts eco friendly diwali gifts



Candles, cookies and some chocolates to celebrate your festival? 

Homemade vegan cookies showcase thoughtfulness and reduce waste associated with store-bought gifts. Plus, they align with a plant-based lifestyle, which is generally more eco-friendly. Enjoy baking and gifting your delicious treats! Four individually wrapped chocolates in an assortment provide a visual and sensory treat that  promises a lavish and delectable experience.

Welcome to our extended Upciclo family. Which Upciclo hamper would you add to your cart?

Embrace eco-consciousness this Diwali with our curated list of eco-friendly corporate diwali gift hampers. Thoughtful, sustainable, and perfect for corporate gifting.

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