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  1. 2021 - The Year of Sustainable Fashion

    There are consequences to everything. No matter how responsibly you dispose of your waste, you do not have the control over where it goes and where it finally ends up. What if, instead of disposing your waste responsibly, you could just avoid generating waste altogether? As good as it sounds, it is near impossible to execute, and it is an idealistic expectation - which is why we can at least control the amount of plastic we use on a regular basis. The changes you make in adopting environmental sustainability and eco-friendly practices will inevitably make you healthier, and help you generate as little waste as possible. Buy rice and other grains from local vendors and take your own jar to the shop when you do so. Avoid accumulating food items and freezing them for long periods of time, consume everything as fresh as you can. Buy daily use commodities like hand wash in larger quantities, which come in the form of refill bags. You can even take the small bit of extra effort to ensure no harmful

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  2. Be Conscious and Sustainably Smart

    Be Conscious and Sustainably Smart

    With repeated use and abuse of resources available to us, we have fallen into a trap of unsustainable living, where many struggle to make a conscious and eco-friendly choice. Often, it turns out that we are unaware of the sources and processes that a product has been through before it reaches us, whether it could be responsible for global warming, causing pollution, unnecessary deforestation, unsustainable labour, or heavy wastage of unusable materials.

    We regularly change toothbrushes without realizing just how many are thrown out in landfills, we indulge in frequent style changes, otherwise known as “fast fashion.” Women have excessive sanitary waste disposed of on a regular basis — the list goes on, with bottled water, single ketchup sachets, and whatnot. Our clothing choices matter heavily for the overall well-being of planet earth. Synthetic fabrics often end up with fine threads reaching the ocean, so microscopic

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  3. Kickstart Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

    Kickstart Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

    In India, waste management has always been a hard feat to overcome, both by the public as well as administrative bodies. In order to accommodate the buying habits of people in smaller quantities and more frequent purchases, more and more plastic has been making its way to the landfills, ending up in the ocean and lakes, being thrown out by families in outdoor locations, etc. Sometimes we are forced to buy a water bottle outside or consume biscuits that come in 2 layers of plastic packaging, and even the ones that come individually wrapped. There has been a recent positive impact though, since the ban of single-use plastics, which finally pushed all small shops and food establishments to switch to more eco-friendly products. Even if plastic bags are given out today, it is ensured that they are under a thickness of 50 microns, which is safe to be disposed of and decomposed naturally.

    One of the greatest issues we

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  4. The Joy at work and Honest Income for the under privileged

    The Joy at work and Honest Income for the under privileged

    Have you thought who invented TetraPacks? An invention that keeps fresh dairy fresh for many months and hence increasing shelf life.

    Well most people do not care who invented what, as long as they know how that is useful for them. Infact most people do not care how are these being disposed and managed. A group of underprivileged women dwelling in the slums of Kamanahalli Bengaluru wanted to do something as well as earn and honest judicial income which bring more respect for them in their own households. It not only gives them respect but also a decent livelihood.

    A self help group called Anulife now turning your tetrapack trash into beautiful pieces of handmade bags, pouches, mats, coasters , runners, stationery holders etc etc. Even during the tough times of Covid these women have not given up hope and

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