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Ever wondered for a touch of tropical paradise in your home decor? Look no further than the humble coconut! Crafting a coconut candle holder is a creative and entertaining project if you want to give your home decor a hint of the tropical flair. It is not only aesthetically appealing but also a work of organic art. Upciclo has designed a lovely coconut candle holder that oozes comfort and coziness by upcycling this natural marvel. Candles have been cherished for centuries for their capacity to produce a warm, peaceful, and romantic atmosphere. What if, however, we informed you that a modest coconut may take this experience to totally novel levels? Knowledge yourself with the significance and value of coconut candle holders in this blog article in terms of enriching your home's design, fostering a calm environment, and forging a connection with nature. Let’s walk you to the world of organic lights.

Why should you choose Upciclo’s coconut candle holders?

A natural connection - You may introduce a bit of the tropics into your house with coconut candle holders. They conjure up images of soft sand beaches, swaying palms, and the calming sound of the sea. This connection to nature might help us unwind and get away from our busy lives. 
Versatile decor - Candle Holders made of coconut can be incorporated into many different design ideas. They go well with beach, tropical, boho, and rustic decor. They can be used as table centerpieces, mantel decor, or even festive outdoor illumination.
Unique gifting - Coconut candle stands crafted provide thoughtful and distinctive presents. Whether for birthdays, weddings, or housewarmings, they add a special touch of originality and personal effort that is greatly valued.
Calming influence - A coconut shell filled with soft, flickering candlelight can have a relaxing effect on the body and mind. It's a straightforward yet powerful strategy for encouraging calm and lowering stress.

Promote sustainability and mindfulness while adding a touch of warmth and elegance to any office or home setting with Eco-friendly diyas and candles ideal corporate gifts for the festive season.

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Haven’t you made these yours yet?

Unlike plastics, which are made from various chemical compounds, our Coconut Shell products are all 100% natural.

From tree to table, our products are never exposed to chemicals that could cause harm to our health and wellbeing. We’re creating positive changes to the way we consume food by replacing plastic compounds with all natural, sustainably sourced, eco friendly products.


All our ccandles made using coconut-soy wax and natural aromas that are blended and hand-poured into a sustainable, reclaimed coconut shell and comes with a cotton wick.

Handcrafted luxury !

 Sustainability meets serenity in the elegance of coconut candle holders!

Handcrafted shells of coconut under fair conditions in Tamil Nadu and Kerala , beautifully made to perfection. 
Available in three different designs
Area of application: only in closed rooms
lamp included
product specification: approx. 15x15cm

Make this part of your home and take one step closer to sustainability.


These holders are conduits for your creative energy, sustainability, and the beauty of nature. They are essential for creating a serene environment, encouraging relationships, and bringing a sense of elegance to your living space. So the next time you light a candle inside a coconut shell, take a moment to consider the various dimensions it brings to your life and your home. Have a look at greater eco-friendly and unique pieces of art on


Make these part of your daily routine , call them smoothie bowls or ice cream cups they just enhance the taste and help Mother earth.