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  1. If you are pregnant , you must know....

    If you are pregnant , you must know....

    Pregnancy is a blessing and yes to many it comes after a lot of trial and prayers. So if you are pregnant , thank your stars. Now , this is a really big event of your life and trust me , no matter how much someone advises you , you will always be in for some surprises.

    You would have perhaps followed a few sites that give you week by week updates, groups where pregnant women discuss , but more than reading it is important that women genuinely take care of themselves mentally and physically during this period.

    Since you will have all sorts of dilemma and confusion on what to eat, when to eat, how

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  2. Be Conscious and Sustainably Smart

    Be Conscious and Sustainably Smart

    With repeated use and abuse of resources available to us, we have fallen into a trap of unsustainable living, where many struggle to make a conscious and eco-friendly choice. Often, it turns out that we are unaware of the sources and processes that a product has been through before it reaches us, whether it could be responsible for global warming, causing pollution, unnecessary deforestation, unsustainable labour, or heavy wastage of unusable materials.

    We regularly change toothbrushes without realizing just how many are thrown out in landfills, we indulge in frequent style changes, otherwise known as “fast fashion.” Women have excessive sanitary waste disposed of on a regular basis — the list goes on, with bottled water, single ketchup sachets, and whatnot. Our clothing choices matter heavily for the overall well-being of planet earth. Synthetic fabrics often end up with fine threads reaching the ocean, so microscopic

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  3. The hope of saving from the lock-down

    The hope of saving from the lock-down

    Who knew there would be a day when we would all be forced to stay home, unable to see anyone, and the world would eventually take a break?
    The Covid-19 lock-down enforced 8 months ago confined humans to where they were and eventually took a deep breath from our mother Earth and regained some of its magic. Rivers were washed a bit, animals and birds were seen, air cleaned up and noise decreased.

    The most significant thing was how much we influenced our world and how it would look if we only avoided fouling it, of all the things we learned in this pandemic.

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