The rising concern of environmental damage and consequential global warming is the industry of toiletries, cosmetics and perfume. Chemicals are used in large amounts, wasted, and often let off into rivers or lakes or the ocean, subsequently poisoning aquatic life, and causing diseases when we consume the water. The products we use are often made up of sulfates, parabens, pH balancing agents and artificial dyes, which are also bad for our skin in the long run. What’s worse is that most cosmetic products are sold in wasteful plastic packaging which can only be used once. It is in our own interest to help ourselves by indulging in more organic products made from herbal ingredients, without the addition of harmful chemicals. There are nowadays many options in the market which come in eco-friendly packaging and with all the ingredients publicly disclosed for our knowledge. It is often a problem for us to buy cosmetic products and toiletries in travel size, which results in more plastic waste as time goes by, but these facewash packs are easy to carry and are made in environmentally conscious packaging that will last long too. One can get not only face wash but multiple self-care products in similar packaging for short-term use and travel-friendly sizes.

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Shampoo bars are easy to carry and effective in saving space while you travel.

Do you use shampoos for dry or oily scalp, dry hair, hair-fall, dandruff, split ends, and still can’t find the appropriate solution? This would often result in having to change shampoos and collecting many plastic bottles, which you end up not knowing how to responsibly dispose of. Switch up those bottled, chemical-heavy shampoos for eco-friendly, organic shampoo bars that come in recycled brown paper packaging. Each shampoo bar lasts for 30 washes, and you can be safe from exposure to parabens and sulfates — at the same time fighting dandruff, hair-fall, leaving your hair shiny and healthy.

It is often seen that baby care products are harmful on the skin, resulting in rashes, itchiness and irritation, not to mention the amount of sanitary waste generated from having to throw away diapers and change to fresh ones. An option you could check out is EarthBaby — an eco-friendly, 100% herbal brand that embraces your baby’s good health and ensures glowing, soft skin. This baby body butter (which can also be used by adults) comes 100% natural with only shea butter, olive oil and argan oil, free from artificial colour, fragrance or any chemicals. It has no cream base, only butters which will leave your skin as well as your baby’s skin supple and nourished.

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Body butters made with natural oils and butters can be used for babies as well as adults.

Soap bars, too, are a matter of concern in terms of chemicals, fragrances and other harmful elements that your skin comes into close contact with. Not only soap bars, but also shower gels, body scrubs, liquid hand wash bottles that have to be thrown away once they are used. Try looking out for soaps made from organic ingredients and sold in eco-friendly packaging which is entirely biodegradable and compostable. These also lather well, smell great and last for many washes, while being easy to carry for your travels as well. Organic soaps are much safer because they are made in small batches and with high quality ingredients which work wonders on your skin. These are made to fight bacteria, fight body odours, moisturize and effectively clean your whole body.

Perfumes are known for their tendency to leave out harmful gases in the atmosphere which can have disastrous long term effects, causing pollution and global warming. In fact, many fragrant herbs are still used in traditional conservative settings in the form of an after-shower powder, which remain effective against odour and bacteria, just like your daily perfumes. The fewer scented products you use, the better it is for your skin and overall health. More natural, sustainable toiletries are making their way into the market nowadays than ever before, and it is a large relief to know that people are keen to invest in their own better health. You could try it too, and you’ll be surprised at the reduced amounts of waste you’ve generated. Indeed it could be a positive choice you make for yourself and for the earth.