Laptop getting heated up often? Here's what you need.

Whether you're a gamer, a video editor, or simply use your computer for business on a regular basis, your laptop may be overheating, especially if you use it on the couch or in bed. If your laptop gets too hot to the touch, it's more likely to shut down or slow down, or even worse, it might be destroyed by the extreme heat. Laptop cooling pads utilise strong fans to remove heat from your laptop so that everything continues to operate as it should, and they're a cheap laptop accessory that's well worth the money.

LAPBUDDY: Laptop Portable Workstation

The LAPBUDDY is compact and doesn't take up more space than a cushion or a pillow.

Take it to the park, carry it on a trip or even work in the car. Now you can carry the workstation wherever you go.



Now you have the comfort to work on your Sofa, Bed or even Outdoors.

LAPBUDDY is a unique lightweight and portable WORKSTATION which gives you the freedom to work anywhere you wish to. It adapts to the shape and contours of your body and helps you work comfortably for long hours. It is an ideal accessory for people "Working from Home". `


1. Compact : 

  • It can be stored away when not in use and ideal for small homes and for people who 'work on the Go'.

2. Portable : 

  • Tag it with your backpack or luggage on the go.
  • it can be additionally used as a pillow when not working.

3. Lightweight : 

  • At just 1.35kg it is lighter than a laptop or a cushion. 
  • Easy to carry and move around. 

4. Durable : 

  • The product is Unbreakable and lasts for more than 20-25 years. 
  • It is washable and can be used with minimal maintenance. 

5. Ergonomic : 

  • It fits snugly on your lap and adjusts to the shape and position of the user. 
  • It also provides for a 'soft wrist support' for people working on the laptop. 
  • The heat from prolonged used of laptop is insulated and keeps your lap and wrists comfortable for long working hours. 
  • It has a Handle to carry it or hang it. 

6. Multipurpose :

  • Used for Laptop 
  • Drawing and Reading 
  • Doing homework 
  • Craft and DIY work surface. 

It is super-ideal for all the people:

  • Working on the bed or Sofa at home
  • Working in the car or train during transit.  
  • Working outdoors and in remote locations.
  • And even Bedridden patients at Hospitals!

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