Our kids may learn to enjoy plastic in almost everything...

Plastic is a by product as we know and I think it has a design failure. When the manufacturers made plastic they forgot to mention that it is not designed to be disposed off.

We must have been taught the concept of recycling and saying "no"to single use plastic right from the time we got introduced to it. Why do we not think that any plastic produced till date, still exists somewhere and in some form. Today plastic is everywhere, your food, your water, your coffee cup , your carry bags , the list is endless.

This is not what our kids expect to get, when they go fishing.

So what is that we are doing about it? You may thinking you are not one amongst the ones who often depend on single use plastic to meet their needs. But even if you are one among the one who seldom does use single - use , just ask yourself - what is the rest of 7 billion people think the same.

Yeah, No kidding! As this is the fact. Others are thinking like you and that has led us to where we are. It is no more a problem for a few to resolve. It is a problem that is now a responsibility of each one of us to resolve.

There will be more plastic in ocean than the fish by 2050

So if you don't want to see your child eating plastic as much as a credit card per week, then do some small changes to your lifestyle today.

Learn to control the eagerness to buy unless you don't need it.

Move to a sustainable lifestyle, buy eco friendly and biodegradable so that it decomposes and does not pose threat to nature hence the equilibrium is maintained.

Choose ethically manufactured products and promote circular economy.