Planning a future vacation! Don’t

Planning a future vacation! Don’t

Are you one of those people always planning a holiday in their heads for the future? What place are you going to visit, all the stuff you're going to do, and what clothes are you going to wear? Let me give you a fair warning now and I'm sorry to disappoint you in advance.

The pace we humans are going with and how injudiciously we are using our mother earth’s resources is at a leisurely pace destroying the only planet that supports life (until proven otherwise).

Let me explain it to you by giving an example -

I am sure this happens to you all the time. You went out only to look around in the mall and not with the intention of shopping and then suddenly there is something you want to buy and you buy it. You don't have a carry-on bag now, and the counter guy just asked if you needed one? You clearly say yes, so you're not going to hold that thing in your hand anywhere, feeling awkward about it. Not only are you paying extra for the bag, but you are also getting jealous of those bags you have nicely packed and saved for these occasions.

These little things that we do in our lives, thinking, 'oh, it's only one time, I'm not going to do it again,' add up to a huge amount of pressure on our world in the future. We need to stop and think about it because, in the long run, what we are doing now will not only affect us, but also our next generation. There won't be any empty land left if we keep going like this, and then our holidays won't be any more fun. A hint of this in the present can already be seen. The beaches that once were a spot for our outing and peace are now becoming polluted and crowded. We don't want to go to places that offer us a sense of boo anymore. Everyone wants to spend quality time in a place where they can sit comfortably, calm their minds, and see the beauty of nature, but we don't do anything to keep it that way. It's not that complicated, we just need to get started.

To foster a healthy environment and restore the earth's core, there are many things a person can do. Instead of purchasing new ones, one of the few things we can do is use the things that are already there. You can not only save thousands of dollars, but also the environment if you buy a good eco-friendly carrying bag and use it wherever you go and not buy any other bag in your lifetime, and that is a win-win situation for everyone.

You can also go for upcycling. Upcycle is the opposite of downcycle which in layman language is also known as Recycle. Upcycling is the process of creatively transforming waste materials or unwanted products into a new one with a larger value.

I can say with 100% guarantee that at present there will be hundreds of things at your place which you can upcycle. For instance, those plastic bottles or a wine bottle you have restored for further use can be turned into dozens of creative things. If you don’t have enough time or don’t see yourself as a creative person then you can buy things online also which you can use for a long period of time instead of buying things again and again. The thing with going eco-friendly, you feel safe while using it. It may cost you higher initially but if you look at it from a long-lasting perspective you will definitely want to buy it. Once you start sustainable living, you will never go back.

Benefits of upcycling includes-

  • First of all, it doesn’t require much energy like recycling.
  • You can use a single product many times.
  • You save a lot of money.
  • Do not forget innovation and creation is the new sexy and that’s the main benefit of it.
  • And of course, you will have places to go to as these items will not be discarded and thrown away for landfills.

The main thing about upcycling is there is no end to it. You can have infinite options of converting things into something of more value.

Start to upcycle and save stuff from going to waste and filling our land in the end. In this way, you build a future where you can go and experience the freshness of nature that we desperately need in lots and lots of areas. Don't think that you're just doing it for yourself.