The Joy at work and Honest Income for the under privileged

Have you thought who invented TetraPacks? An invention that keeps fresh dairy fresh for many months and hence increasing shelf life.

Well most people do not care who invented what, as long as they know how that is useful for them. Infact most people do not care how are these being disposed and managed. A group of underprivileged women dwelling in the slums of Kamanahalli Bengaluru wanted to do something as well as earn and honest judicial income which bring more respect for them in their own households. It not only gives them respect but also a decent livelihood.

A self help group called Anulife now turning your tetrapack trash into beautiful pieces of handmade bags, pouches, mats, coasters , runners, stationery holders etc etc. Even during the tough times of Covid these women have not given up hope and continue to produce hoping that when things are better they can recover the lost time and income.

Mary Ann, who leads this workforce says that they get Joy at Work, by using discarded waste to make quality products that are trendy. It spreads the message of reuse and upcycle, and provides a means of income to several women. The social startup did not have any progressive and impactful marketing strategy and their customers were the brand ambassadors.

The small-scale setup encourages women to bring and train a friend, leading to solidarity and helping women gain and hone their problem-solving skills. Being in charge of their work schedule and money has helped break down social and gender barriers, and had led to equitable relationships between couples.

They are truly living the life of an upcyclers and are actively promoting sustainable living by making the right choice. If you buy these products they get paid by fairtrade standards and can keep doing the wonderful work. Please visit us at and encourage them.