The world sees at least 2000 tonnes of plastic waste accumulated from straws, reaching the ocean each year. This amounts to a sixty-seventh, or 1.5% of the total single-use plastic waste generated on a yearly basis internationally. You must have seen the painfully upsetting video of a turtle being rescued after injuries from a plastic straw in its nose. Did you know that more than a million seabirds die every year from choking on plastic straws, which they mistake for food? In fact, because of straws, bottles and other such products, there is a high concentration of microplastics even in our drinking water and the salt we consume. This also applies to the seafood industry, most shellfish, fish and crustaceans inevitably have microplastics in their system that is not visible to us and finally entering our systems.

While straws don’t have too much of a useful purpose to serve, they are indeed handy in stirring or scooping,

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