The dilemma of "How to keep my cast iron Shining black? Like my Armour :) "

Buying a cast Iron is the best decision you can take to transform your kitchen and life towards sustainable living.

  • Cast iron likes Indian weather and likes to be dry – don’t leave your pan to soak in water for long periods. Water will corrode your seasoned non-stick surface and rust wills start to form. Always store your cast iron pan in a dry location.
  • Never put cast iron pan in the dishwasher. Doing so will remove the seasoned surface.
  • Cast iron corrodes really fast so after cleaning your cast iron, dry it thoroughly and wipe it down inside and out with a small amount of oil. This also keeps it in prime shape for your next use.
  • Make upcycled cloth towels which can be used in place of paper towels for more eco-friendly cleaning
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